DAN MILNER - started his music career at the age of 6 taking piano lessons. At the age of 13 he started his own group, "The Visions" in Minneapolis. By the time he was 17, "The Visions" were a band in the Twin Cities playing all venues available. After two years of college majoring in music and art, Dan moved to Los Angeles to pursue his music career without his fellow band members. Within six months, he once again formed a band; this one named "Pony". Gathering together 3 other members with the love for The Beatles, Dan created a group which started to gather a good following in the LA area. At the age of 21, Dan's group was signed to the famous William Morris Agency and one month later signed to 20th Century Records.

After 2 years on the label, he became disenchanted with the producers of their first two albums and left that label and signed with Warner / Chappel roster as a composer.

In 1978 Dan moved South to San Diego, and started managing the largest recording studio in the city, "Studio West". Within two years, he was head / first engineer, and manager. Two years later he bought Studio West, and started his own music company, Wintermoon Music. Even though at one time Wintermoon Music had offices in San Diego, Minneapolis, and Toronto. Dan now prefers to only work out of his home town of San Diego, CA.

Dan has been a first engineer, producer, and arranger for over 25 years. He has earned over 350 advertising awards. and has produced music for over 650 episodes of television. (You have heard his work on the series: “The American Gladiators” and “Airwolf”). He has produced over 1,000 jingles heard nationwide, and prides himself in composing / producing tracks his clients use for years instead of those poorly written pieces that last only weeks on air. Dan has also acted as post-production supervisor for companies like the Samuel Goldwyn Company in Los Angeles.